Pretty Funny, No?

As the rumors heated up yesterday and into last night, this was tweeted by @JWerthsBeard as many Phillies fans tweeted that his final AB last night in St. Louis would be his last one.

Given the current situation with the Phillies, I found this pretty humorous.


Jayson Werth

Fan Favorite No More ? – Focusing on the Philadelphia sports scene, the blog Crossing Broad delves into whether or not Jayson Werth is still a fan favorite in the City of Brotherly Love. Do I think he is? I think a personal hot streak for him at the plate and consistent Phillies success in the wins column will help him immensely, but I feel as though with every passing day, it’s more and more likely he won’t be in Philadelphia next year. Read the Crossing Broad blog post and also because they use one of my tweets in their blog post.

Jayson Werth No Longer a Fan Favorite – ( Crossing Broad )

Outspoken White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen is Now Tweeting

The brutally honest skipper of the Chigaco White Sox, Ozzie Guillen, has officially signed up for Twitter. The often controversial, angry, politically incorrect manager now has another forum to voice his pleasures and displeasures with what’s going on around him.

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Jay Glazer Wants You To Know How Cool/Popular/Tough He Is

For those of you who don’t know him, Jay Glazer is FOX Sports all-everything-man when it comes to the “inside scoop.” He usually has a story broken before ESPN’s go-to-guys, Chris Mortensen and workaholic Adam Schefter.

I took a liking to the fact that ESPN didn’t have the best personnel at obtaining breaking news, so I began to follow Jay Glazer on Twitter and it is a move that has made me resent him beyond explanation. My rants about him could never do it justice so I would rather show all of you non-twitters.

Things that I have found out about Jay Glazer since following him on Twitter are:

  1. He is a huge MMA enthusiast and even trains for it. He is good friends with Chuck Lidell and hangs out with him often according to said Twitter account.
  2. He hangs out with Jared from Subway. I can’t make this up people.
  3. While he does seem to break news the fastest, he tends to let you know that he did break that story 3 days ago when you are just reading it for the first time, today.
  4. He name drops ALL THE TIME ! We get it, you’ve become somewhat of a celebrity, now pump the breaks a little bit and act like you’re actually a professional.
  5. He doesn’t consider his FOX job a “real” job, so he goes out drinking 4 times a week, or so he tweets.

The list, unfortunately, goes on. While he does break stories faster than the much more likable Adam Schefter, often time his twitter feed is full of nonsense. The name dropping is just tacky for a 40-year-old. I’m sure Sean Peyton doesn’t stop what he’s doing to tweet something along the lines of “OMG I’M WITH JAY GLAZER RIGHT NOW GETTING WASTED !” So why should Jay Glazer?

With all of that said, I can’t seem to unfollow him because I want to see what level of douche-ness he can reach next.

Oh wait, Jay Glazer just tweeted again.

Dear God when does it stop ?

To Mike Greenberg: Warren Sapp Is Not Happy With You

If you haven’t heard the news by now, then I’d consider you a bit of a hermit, but just to refresh your memory on Monday, January 18th, which also happened to be Martin Luther King Jr. Day, ESPN Radio host Mike Greenberg of Mike and Mike in the Morning when stating what day it was said it as such – Martin Luther Coon – King Jr. Day


Yes, he instantly corrected himself, and no I do not think he meant to say this on purpose, but the fact of the matter is that he said this on possibly the worst day to say this. On a day where we honor arguably the most influential African American in the history of this country, Mike Greenberg said something that would get most people fired, but for some reason ESPN has not taken that action, yet.

Naturally word got around like wildfire and Warren Sapp is not buying Mike Greenberg’s apology. He sounds very angry on his Twitter page and he has every right to be.

One has to wonder whether or not this will ultimately end with Mike Greenberg getting fired. It would be a shame for a guy who has never done anything wrong and seems to be very professional, but this type of slip up doesn’t happen very often and when it does, it usually ends bad.