Waiting Game For Werth, Phils’ Fans

Where did it all go wrong?

ESPN’s Buster Olney and Jayson Stark are reporting the Phillies are in trade talks that would see them parting with All Star rightfielder Jayson Werth while bringing in a veteran starting pitcher. The likely suspects?  Ben Sheets, Oakland ( 4-9 4.53 ERA) , Dan Haren, Arizona (7-8 4.60 ERA), Jeremy Guthrie, Baltimore (3-10 4.58 ERA), and the most appealing name being thrown out there, Houston Astros’ righthanded pitcher Roy Oswalt (6-11 3.12 ERA) .

Both Olney and Stark are also reporting that if the Phillies were to acquire Oswalt, they would need a third team in the deal, currently the Tampa Bays, as an unloading destination for Jayson Werth.

In recent weeks, fans have turned their back on Werth. The man behind the beard has been a fan favorite since his arrival, however, a horrendous slump in the last month accompanied with altercations with fans and a poor attitude in the clubhouse has made this once great love affair take a detour towards divorce court. A phenomenal player when he catches fire, Werth’s time in Phillies pinstripes may be drawing to an end, much sooner than anyone would have liked.

For Phils’ fans, this season could have gone any worse to this point. The injury bug has hit the Phillies pretty hard, as starters Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Placido Polanco, Carlos Ruiz, J.A. Happ, closer Brad Lidge, and after last nights loss to the Cardinals, starter Jamie Moyer is also on the DL. have all spent significant amounts of time on the disabled list.  After the acquisition of Roy Halladay in the off-season, the Phillies were the popular pick to win the National League Pennant, but as of right now, they are 48-45 and stand 7 games back of the first place Atlanta Braves with 69 games left to play.

For Phils’ fans, it’s very hard to be optimistic at this time, I know, but just remember the good ole 7 in 17 comeback in 2007, that might instill a little bit of hope, right? Right.



I Bid You Adieu: Brett Myers

It’s like your first relationship with a girlfriend. You grew up with this person, you watched yourself mature while with this person, you laughed, you cried tears of sadness, you cried tears of happiness. After a mutual breakup, you knew she would latch on with another guy, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to see her move on.

I hope you were all able to relate to that analogy.


Tonight, it has been reported, that former Phillies starting pitcher Brett Myers has agreed to terms with the Houston Astros’. Myers career in Philadelphia was rocky. The General Manager of the Astros’ is Ed Wade, former Phillie GM who brought Myers to Philadelphia, so this move is not very surprising.

At times he was outspoken, but when he was at his best, the fans loved him. Yeah he beat his wife at one point during his tenure here, but he also beat mid-season pitching woes during the 2008 season, and that meant more to the Phillies then some unimportant fist that connected with his wife’s face.

I remember Brett’s first start as a Philadelphia Phillie. He went up against and out-dueled Mark Prior in a game at Wrigley field and I recall Harry Kalas saying this game involved two pitchers who would anchor their staffs for a long time. Harry was a great man, but if by a “long time” he meant at most three seasons, then he was right.

Mark Prior’s list of injuries have been well documented and we will never know what could of been had he not used steroids stayed healthy, but for Myers, he just was never that great. With a career 4.40 ERA, I’m not sure what I ever saw in him to think he was going to be better then he was. He threw that “power” curve over the middle a lot and he really thought his fastball had more steam behind it then it really did. Just typing about it, well, it kind of gets me mad.

I will miss Brett Myers, though. I always argued that if he had Cole Hamels type of stuff(at this point, I don’t know what that means) that the fans would of embraced him much, much more. But he was what he was, a blue collar type pitcher who was a good guy in the clubhouse for the most part. (not including the Hamels’ incident, which apparently was a “joke”)

Brett thanked the fans after finding out that he would not be returning to the Phillies. He asked to be booed because he would not expect anything less from the fans of Philadelphia. I expect him to get booed like he asked and then quickly hear them turn into cheers because, while we do get a bad rep as fans from the media, we do have heart, and we remember your at bat versus C.C. Sabathia in the 2008 ALDS and the multiple hit effort against the Dodgers in the NLCS while also throwing above Manny’s head. As fans, we remember this and we are thankful, because without those efforts, there might not have been a 2008 World Series Championship.

Farewell, Brett Myers.