Brett Favre Loves Sexting, Sending Dick Pics

You gotta’ love Deadpin, don’t ya? Editor A.J. Daulerio will let anything fly on that website, and ya’ know what? I dig it.

Today’s popular blog post details Jen Sterger’s text message exchanges with Brett Favre in which the legendary gunslinger sent her a couple of “dick pix” through MMS. Hmm, guess an exchange would mean she sent something back, right? Let’s say that Sterger was on the receiving end of some unexpected picture mail. Just when you thought the media’s infatuation with everything Brett Favre could not get more exhausted, saddle in (or up?) because this could take a while.

Personally, I think that Sterger should gift wrap some sort of fruit basket and send it Daulerio’s way. Her 15 minutes of fame were up two years ago, this is just another way to bring her back into the spotlight, something I’m sure she’s desperately wanting.

While Daulerio did report yesterday that an unnamed source did not want to go public with this story, he did send Sterger and e-mail warning her shit was about to go down.

I’m very close to running your Favre allegations today. I’ve spoken to the Jets about this. So let me know how you want to proceed, please. I’d prefer you were on the record about this stuff, but I understand if you don’t want to be. However, I do have our email conversations we had and, frankly, that’s enough to get this started.

Not trying to dick you over, but, there was no way I was going to sit on it forever, either.

So lemme know.

What I would give to have Jen Sterger’s e-mail address. Christ.

‘Brett Favre Once Sent Me Cock Shots’: Not A Love Story – (Deadspin)


Favre (Ugh) Goes on Leno (Gross),Discusses Future

The NFL off season wouldn’t seem quite right without some Brett Favre retirement talk, now would it?

Favre went onto The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night and said he is currently undecided about whether or not he will return for his 20th season in the league.

It’s only fitting that Brett Favre went onto Jay Leno’s set and discussed this. Leno, as well all know, told NBC 6 years ago that he would relinquish his seat in five years to pave the way for the ever-so-popular Conan O’Brien. When it was finally time for Leno to move on, he wasn’t happy with it. The end of this story doesn’t need to be retold, however, it ended with Conan O’Brien getting the ax without even hosting the Tonight Show for a year. Leno’s story is relevant in a sense that both him and Favre are clearly unaware when to call it quits.

Brett Favre and Jay Leno are both considered diva’s in their line of work ¬†and who really likes that quality in a a male? It’s gotten to the point where I honestly turn the channel anytime Sportscenter or NFL Live talks about Favre because it’s gotten tiresome. Aside from the fact that he’s one of the best quarterbacks of all time, the media coverage this man gets is absolutely ridiculous. Praised when he does anything good and given excuses when he plays poorly, I’ve wanted Brett Favre to retire for some time now, but naturally, I don’t always get what I want.

I could go on for hours about how much more awesome Conan O’Brien is than Jay Leno, but you don’t need to hear that. You can’t do a simple Google search to find that out.

Also, Conan O’Brien now has Twitter, I wish he would start bashing Leno on it, but we know Conan is far too classy for that.

I hate you Brett Favre, and also, you too, Jay Leno.

Favre enjoying offseason – (ESPN)

Will Favre Retire?

How many times have we heard this?

“Is Brett Favre going to retire?” – Get used to hearing this quote a lot over the next couple of months, because as we’ve seen before, do not rule out a Brett Favre return until at least one regular season game has been played. Oddly enough, as I am typing this, Around The Horn’s current segment started with Tony Reali saying “Will Brett Favre retire?“, I’m not making that up either, this just goes to show that the headlines in the NFL for the next couple of months will have a lot to do with Brett Favre and whether or not he will be returning to the Vikings.

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All Is Right in the World

I feel confident saying this right now. Barring a total meltdown by the Vikings( currently leading 27-3) in the last 6 minutes of this game, the Dallas Cowboys season will end today.

Is this a bitter post? Absolutely.

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Hey, Peyton, welcome to the record books. Again.

The shocking news that everyone already expected came out today: Peyton Manning has won his 4th, and record-breaking, Associated Press MVP award. Question is, did he deserve it though?

Manning can not be stopped by men alone.

This is the 4th of his career, 4th of this decade, and 2nd time he has won the award back-to-back times. Yes, I know he “shared” it with Steve McNair in 2003, but everyone knows that was just a pity-vote for McNair because of the way his crazy 19 year old girlfriend would later shoot him in the face while he was taking a nap. Which was extremely rude by the way, but that is for another post.

His record-setting 4th award puts him in sole company of first place in the history of the AP MVP award. Brett Favre, former Packers QB and current NFL Douche, has won the award 3 times with his former team. Although Favre did manage to win 2 of his MVPs while being a raging alcoholic and having an awesome prescription painkiller addiction, so some NFL pundits maintain his 3 awards are more impressive to Manning’s 4.
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