Jeter > The Babe … At Accumulating Hits

I’d say that’s iconic, wouldn’t you?

Derek Jeter surpassed Babe Ruth tonight on the Major League Baseball all time hits list with a second inning single versus the Boston Red Sox.  In typical Jeter fashion, the long time Yankee captain hit a grounder through the infield to score Brett Gardner.

As an outsider, I have nothing but respect for Jeter, who, as the leader of the New York Yankees, Major League Baseball’s “evil empire”, garners a lot of unwarranted hate.

With that hit in the second inning, Jeter now stands alone in 39th place on the all time hits list, surpassing arguably the greatest Yankee of all time, as well one of the more paramount figures in not just baseball, but sports history.

Hats off to #2