Peter Gammons, You’re Cold as Ice, Bro.

Is it me or has Peter Gammons really been sounding off since signing on to the Twitter world? That, coupled with his recent transition from the Worldwide Leader in Sports to the up and coming MLB Network, and Gammons all of a sudden has a forum to be a little more “edgier” with his words. I couldn’t help but comment on his latest tweet, because there’s no way ESPN would just let him sound off and bad mouth another sport, right?

I see what you did there, Petey, with your double entendre.

Either way, there’s no doubt in my mind that if Gammons was still at ESPN, he’d have to get the OK from the higher ups on some of his tweets. Can’t say I don’t enjoy them, however. His not so subtle slap in the face of Stu Scott a month back was a good one, and it’s also fun to enjoy his off topic rants. MLB Network seems to be a lot more lenient with its talent than ESPN will ever be. Gammons is a baseball writer, if he was still at ESPN, his off topic tweets that he publishes every once in a while probably wouldn’t fly with the the big dogs in Bristol, but he’s not, so he can, and we all, for better or for worse, get to see how bat shit crazy he really is.


Jayson Werth

Fan Favorite No More ? – Focusing on the Philadelphia sports scene, the blog Crossing Broad delves into whether or not Jayson Werth is still a fan favorite in the City of Brotherly Love. Do I think he is? I think a personal hot streak for him at the plate and consistent Phillies success in the wins column will help him immensely, but I feel as though with every passing day, it’s more and more likely he won’t be in Philadelphia next year. Read the Crossing Broad blog post and also because they use one of my tweets in their blog post.

Jayson Werth No Longer a Fan Favorite – ( Crossing Broad )

This Is Boring

No meaningful sports are on television tonight, unless of course the Tour De France means something to you, then kindly make your way to Versus and keep to yourself.

The 18th Annual ESPY Awards are on tonight, that’s kinda worth watching I suppose. Oh? Seth Meyers from the incredibly mediocre Saturday Night Live is hosting? What’s that? Using the adjective “mediocre” is giving that piece of shit show too much credit? I’m sorry, seriously, very sorry.

Baseballs second half resumes tomorrow and for the next month that’s all we, as sports fans, will have to keep us going. The NFL and College Football are just around the bend, as well as HBO’s AWESOME series “Hardknocks” comes back at the end of the August.

So enjoy your lack of sports tonight. Perhaps make your way to MTV to watch the Real World New Orleans Part Deux? No? Nothing? Didn’t think so. I recommend taking about five tylenol PM’s and just calling it a night right now.

Seth Meyers, I hate you.

RIP George Steinbrenner

Longtime New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner passed away today as a result from a massive heart attack. He was 80.

Steinbrenner is well known for his tyrannical leadership qualities, his disrespectful approach to those who worked under him, and perhaps most importantly, his “whatever it takes” attitude to help bring New York a winner.

Having grown up in Philadelphia, I was essentially raised to dislike everything from New York, and George Steinbrenner and the Yankees were clearly no different. In the late 90s, Steinbrenner spent and spent and brought in superstar after superstar while my beloved Phillies spent every summer in basement, it was very easy for me to hate him.

People who say that George Steinbrenner ruined baseball because of his endless budget are, to me, hypocrites. His attitude and demeanor to the people around him aside, if you told me that the owner of my favorite sports team, not even just baseball team, basically said to his fans that he was going to do everything in his power to bring them a winner, I’d be ecstatic. He spent his millions because he wanted to win, it’s not his fault that he had more money than he knew what to do with. Sit there and tell me with a straight face that Kansas City Royals fans or Pittsburgh Pirates fans wouldn’t want someone like George Steinbrenner leading there team. Can’t do it? Why not? Because those are the some of teams and people who believe George ruined the game. Why? Because jealousy and envy run ramped through this country, because they wish they had an owner who was willing to do whatever it took to win, but instead they rebuild, year after year, and get shitty results.

I would love to sit here and bash Steinbrenner because it’s what I’ve been raised to do, however, the overwhelming hatred for him is ridiculous, especially after his unfortunate passing. Sure he had some illegal transgressions in the Nixon re-election and his treatment of Frank Martin and former play Dave Winfield were despicable, but get over it. No one is perfect, not you, not I, not George Steinbrenner. The dynasty he brought New York in the late 90s is something that all baseball fans wish they had with their own team, so instead of admitting that, “we” admit he ruined the game.

Absolutely ridiculous.

One of baseball’s most influential personalities passed away today, and instead of a jealousy-riddled rant on why I dislike him or the Yankees, I’ll admit that the reason why I used to say those things is because I was completely and utterly jealousy of the dynasty that he built.

If only George Steinbrenner owned the Phillies, the late 90s and early 2000s would of been much easier to deal with.

Sports Lull

With temperatures topping out at around the 98 degrees in the recent weeks here in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, the dog days of summer, for sports fans at least, is amongst us. The NBA season is over, ditto the NHL season. The 2010 World Cup concluded yesterday with Spain’s 1-0 victory over the Netherlands. College football is a little over a month away and it’s hard for some people, especially me, to get up and excited for NFL training camps. So for the next month, sports fans will be relegated to an MLB only schedule, with the X-Games thrown into the mix in early August. For people like myself, I couldn’t be happier, because now I can solely focus on cursing at my television while the Phillies continue to piss me off. For the masses of people in this world who aren’t huge fans of the MLB (sigh) they will have to find other ways occupying their time until the college football season arrives.

This year's Home Run Derby lacks, uh, star power. Even Chris Young agrees.

The MLB All Star game festivities begin tonight with the 2010 Homerun Derby. Hear those crickets? With all of the premier sluggers backing out of the derby, we are left with has beens (David Ortiz) and players who not primarily known as homerun hitters to showcase their raw power to us. What the MLB should do is take people who we know can slug, people like Russell Branyan, Marcus Thames, and just put them in the derby when so many people back out. Branyan has made a living out of sending the ball a country fucking’ mile, so what if he strikes out a lot, the man’s got raw power oozing out of his ass, let him light it up in front of 40,000+ and give the fans what they want. Hanley Ramirez? In a homerun derby? The guy is arguably a top-5 player in the MLB, but he’s not your typical homerun hitter.

So because I’m stuck with this filth tonight, I will go out and say that Miguel Cabrera is going to win the Derby because there’s just no one else who I think can do it. David Ortiz? Pish posh. Chris Young of the Diamondbacks is my dark horse, mainly because he’ll most certainly never be on this stage again, so he will undoubtedly swing as hard as he physically can on each attempt, which for him, is likely to result in making contact once out of every five swings. Yes, that was a burn, dudes a liftetime .240 hitter. Gross.

Enjoy the All Star game festivities tonight. Here’s hoping that Ryan Howard tells someone to sit the fuck down and let a real man swing some lumber tonight. Well, either him or Russell Branyan.

End of the Weekend Thoughts

I’ve been lazy the past couple or days or so which means there was no reaction to the LeBron/Bosh to Miami ordeal, nor any reaction on Cliff Lee being dealt to the Yankees Rangers. However, since my opinion clearly matters,

I’ll have my thoughts after the jump Continue reading

God Bless Evan Turner’s Soul

If you’re a Philadelphia 76ers fan, you gotta love this tweet by 2nd overall pick, Evan Turner.

While it’s nice to see the kid speaking highly of the city from which I hail, he’s gotta know that nobody gives a shit about summer league basketball, right? This is just a case of the kid trying to say all the right things before a rookie season that might see his team win 30-35 games and then he shoots his mouth off about how shitty this fanbase can be at times. I won’t blame him when that time comes, because it’s going to.

You don’t earn the nickname “The Villain” by being honest all the time. Evan Turner knows EXACTLY what he’s doing.