Brian Cushing – Trains WAYYY Too Hard

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For serious?

I used to think that athletes who tested positive for performance enhancing drugs tainted their respective sports, but now I find myself enamored by it all.

For what reason you ask?

Is there anything better than the excuses that come out of the mouths of these guys? I mean honestly. Brian Cushing, last years Defensive Rookie of the Year, blames his positive test on the fact that he “overtrained.”  I’m not nearly clever enough to come up with this stuff.


Suspended Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing said Monday that his positive test for a fertility drug last year was the result of overtrained athlete syndrome, a “unique” condition he contends can trigger hormonal spikes.

It’s true, Brian Cushing, a man who was linked with steroids during his playing days at USC, has the only known case of “overtrained athlete syndrome” in the NFL.

Do the Houston Texans not have a publicist? Do they not proofread these statements before letting their athletes read them?

If anyone, you know, like Texans owner Bob McNair, actually believes this shit, then I’ve given up on the human population. Cancel everything, lets fast forward to 2012 and start over from scratch.

Oh, and for all you “regular” medical doctors out there, The Cush has something for you.

I had a unique situation where something like this occurred and we have the science to back it up. It’s taken months. It’s really beyond what we ever thought and it’s beyond the regular medical doctor.

I give up.


Jeter > The Babe … At Accumulating Hits

I’d say that’s iconic, wouldn’t you?

Derek Jeter surpassed Babe Ruth tonight on the Major League Baseball all time hits list with a second inning single versus the Boston Red Sox.  In typical Jeter fashion, the long time Yankee captain hit a grounder through the infield to score Brett Gardner.

As an outsider, I have nothing but respect for Jeter, who, as the leader of the New York Yankees, Major League Baseball’s “evil empire”, garners a lot of unwarranted hate.

With that hit in the second inning, Jeter now stands alone in 39th place on the all time hits list, surpassing arguably the greatest Yankee of all time, as well one of the more paramount figures in not just baseball, but sports history.

Hats off to #2

Brett Favre Loves Sexting, Sending Dick Pics

You gotta’ love Deadpin, don’t ya? Editor A.J. Daulerio will let anything fly on that website, and ya’ know what? I dig it.

Today’s popular blog post details Jen Sterger’s text message exchanges with Brett Favre in which the legendary gunslinger sent her a couple of “dick pix” through MMS. Hmm, guess an exchange would mean she sent something back, right? Let’s say that Sterger was on the receiving end of some unexpected picture mail. Just when you thought the media’s infatuation with everything Brett Favre could not get more exhausted, saddle in (or up?) because this could take a while.

Personally, I think that Sterger should gift wrap some sort of fruit basket and send it Daulerio’s way. Her 15 minutes of fame were up two years ago, this is just another way to bring her back into the spotlight, something I’m sure she’s desperately wanting.

While Daulerio did report yesterday that an unnamed source did not want to go public with this story, he did send Sterger and e-mail warning her shit was about to go down.

I’m very close to running your Favre allegations today. I’ve spoken to the Jets about this. So let me know how you want to proceed, please. I’d prefer you were on the record about this stuff, but I understand if you don’t want to be. However, I do have our email conversations we had and, frankly, that’s enough to get this started.

Not trying to dick you over, but, there was no way I was going to sit on it forever, either.

So lemme know.

What I would give to have Jen Sterger’s e-mail address. Christ.

‘Brett Favre Once Sent Me Cock Shots’: Not A Love Story – (Deadspin)