6/29/2010 Was Not a Good News Day For the Phillies

Yesterday was a bleak news day for the Philadelphia Phillies. They placed half of their starting infield on the 15-day disabled list. Chase Utley injured his thumb on a slide attempt the night prior and Placido Polanco, who joined him, has had a lingering elbow injury since being plunked in a game against Atlanta.

If that news wasn’t bad enough, Cliff Lee, the man whom most Phillies fans believe should still be donning the #34, threw his third consecutive complete game for the Seattle Mariners against the team that defeated them in the World Series just this past season, the New York Yankees. Why is this a problem for the Phillies? With last night’s win, the Mariners are now just 14 games back of the first place Texas Rangers, which means that Cliff Lee, who is in the final year of his contract, will inevitably be dealt to a contender.

One of the teams that has been rumored to be a destination for Lee would be the Phillies number one rival, the New York Mets, who for the time being are in front of the Phillies in the division standings. The thought of Lee in a New York uniform is something that Phillies fans would rather not think about it. It is very likely that if Lee was dealt to the Mets, that a game played in Citizens Bank Park that featured Lee as the starter, would end with the fans giving Lee a rousing ovation for his efforts last season. Because after all, the fan base in Philadelphia never gave Clifton a proper send off.

Phillies fans, giving a Mets’ starter a standing ovation in the middle of a playoff chase? It’s highly likely.

This team, this city, and I assume the players in this city, all wish Cliff Lee was still on the roster. I don’t need to do responsible research to find out if any of that is true, because there’s no way it’s not true. Cliff Lee wanted the Phillies and the Phillies, minus Ruben Amaro Jr., wanted Lee.

Philadelphia fans from all over should be praying to whatever God they pray to that Cliff Lee doesn’t end up in a rotation with Johan Santana.


Zumaya Suffers Another Setback

Zumaya Injured – As far as squeamish injuries go, I’m not sure where this falls, due in part that I can’t see the injury. I read many tweets last night that described the injury as disturbing, but pardon my terrible eyesight because I can’t really notice anything. The Tigers have played Zumaya on the 15 day disabled list with an elbow injury. Gerald Laird, Detroit’s catcher, said that he heard a pop. Zumaya’s career to date has been marred with injuries. (ESPN)

Move Over Jose Canseco

As I was perusing the700level.com today, they had linked a story from the Daily Beast which released an interview with Lenny Dykstra that had him quoted as saying

“I was like a pioneer for that stuff………..The juice. I was like the very first to do that. Me and Canseco.”

Sad part is, this really doesn’t surprise me. I recall reading an article in either Sports Illustrated or ESPN The Magazine recently that had something written about Dykstra and his involvement with roids’. This interview only confirms that.

For Phillies fans who lived and died with 1993 team, this news has to be crushing. Dykstra for sometime now has been in trouble with the law for his financial problems, but that didn’t affect their passion for Dykstra the player. However, this news that has surfaced about him doing steroids while being a part of the 93′ team that lost to the Blue Jays in 6 games in the World Series is going to change all that.

Steroids are the deal breaker for a lot of fans. They’ll love you until your name is associated with the word and then when you are linked, it’s anyones guess as to how your reputation will suffer from there on out.

I was never a huge Dykstra enthusiast. I liked the way he played, which seems to be the general consensus amongst Phillies fans, but he wouldn’t crack my top 10 favorite Phillies players since I began watching them. He had his best year in 1993, the year in which he finished 2nd in MVP voting, because of steroids.

Lenny Dykstra is no better nor worse than Jose Canseco at this point, and Phillies fans better be able to embrace that thought.

Lenny Dysktra is a “Pioneer” for the wrong reasons – The Daily Beast (via the700level)