Jamie Moyer’s Motto: Just Keep On, Keepin’ On

Jamie Moyer, the youthful 47-year-old left hander for the Philadelphia Phillies has won the teams 5th starter spot in the rotation according to Phillies writer David Murphy. The nearby Sellerville’s native had a rough ending to last season. He was taken out of the rotation after inconsistently performing and acted fairly childish about the whole ordeal. When the camera would pan to the Phillies dugout, Moyer was usually pressed up against the fence while the rest of the bullpen pitchers were in a group in the back, he took it pretty hard. But here he is, in 2010, the fifth starter in the rotation, edging out resurgent right hander Kyle Kendrick. Given that Moyer’s earned run averages the past three season have been 5.04, 3.71, and 4.94 last season, it wouldn’t surprise me if Kendrick is eventually the teams 5th starter.

While you have admire the fact that Moyer, who turns 48, in November, will be pitching in his 24th season, if you’re a Phillies fan you really have to wonder how reliable he is every fifth day. He ended last season with only a 4.94 era because of his long relief appearances that went well. For a while there his ERA was well over 6, which resulted from very poor outings as a starter.

Whether you like the decision or not, the Phillies rotation is now set for the start of the season and Jamie Moyer, for better or for worse, is part of that equation, for now.


Dancing With The Stars Update

Two of sports most acclaimed figures are taking part in the ABC’s series Dancing With the Stars: ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews and Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad OchoCinco. We will be updating their progress as long as they remain in the competition.

Chad OchoCinco and partner Cheryl Burke, who broke the ice for the 10th season of the ABC series followed up their week one performance with a dud this week. Last week, drawing the praises of the judges, Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, and Burno Tonioli, OchoCinco and Burke were told that they have vast potential moving forward because of Burke’s ability to bring out the best in her partners and OchoCinco’s world class athleticism.

Dancing the Fox Trot to Five for Fighting’s single “100 years”, OchoCinco and Burke scored just a 16 out of 30. The look on Chad’s face after Len Goodman said that he had no encouraging words for the couple showed his frustration. Luckily for Chad and Cheryl, this competition is based very heavily on the voting of the fans who watch the show and it seems like the two of them are very popular amongst the audience. Time will tell just how popular the two are because if they turn in another performance like they did tonight, it could be a short stay on the program for the two of them.

As for ESPN’s sideline reporter Erin Andrews and reported boyfriend dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, the chemistry between them is obvious, maybe a little too much at times, but they are fairing pretty well early on. After scoring a 21 out of 30 for their rendition of the Cha Cha Cha in week one, they scored a 23 out of 30 for their Fox Trot this week. I’m afraid if ABC keeps showing their practice routines all the time, the audience might grow tired of EA, she sure does do a lot of talking and bitching during practice, but let’s face it, that’s how women are.

As the standings currently sit, Erin and Maks are in third place with an average score of 22.0. Chad and Cheryl are way down the list in eighth place with an average score of just 17.0.

Another athlete, Evan Lysacek is participating in Dancing With the Stars, but let’s face it, if you didn’t watch the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, it’s almost guaranteed that you don’t know who Evan Lysacek is.

That’s all for this week.

A Look Back At My Final Four Predictions

Before the college basketball season started. The Big Lead.com asked commenters to post their Final Four predictions.

Here is mine. – top comment, CadillacTime (Phillies fans can appreciate the user name)

If you don’t feel like clicking, my picks were Kansas, Villanova, Texas, and Michigan State. The last one being the only accurate selection I made.

So that would be a 1-seed (Kansas), an arguable 2-seed (Villanova), a 5-seed (Michigan State), and an 8-seed (Texas). The good thing about my predictions early on were that Kansas was ranked 1st for a good portion of the season. Michigan State and Villanova were both ranked as high as number 2, and Texas made it all the way to number 1, but after they were defeated by Kansas State during Big-12 play, they endured quite the free fall. In fact, Texas fall was so bad that they were an 8-seed come tournament time and were bounced in the first round by Wake Forest.

Picking 1 out of 4 hurts my ego a bit, but if anyone picked this years Final Four accurately, then they deserve a contract from ESPN to fill some sort of College Basketball analyst position.

As far as the actual Final Four teams’ go this year, I am a bit surprised that Michigan State made it. Losing Kalin Lucas in the first round to a ruptured achilles tendon spelled disaster, but coach Tom Izzo has done a good job with the resources that he has. Butler? Total surprise. Duke? Surprised, but not that surprised, they always have a chance to go far with the type of talent they have. West Virginia doesn’t really shock me. A lot of “experts” were talking about them to start the season and Da’Sean Butler and Devin Ebanks are studs. However, like Michigan State, they too lost their starting point guard, Tuck Bryant, to a leg injury in the tournament.

I think at this point I’m just satisfied having picked all tournament teams as my preseason Final Four teams. Those people who picked North Carolina to win the ACC and then go to the Final Four, well shame on you people.

The Final Four Is Set

Before March Madness started, I thought there was three teams that could of come away the 2010 National Champions. Those teams being the Kansas Jayhawks, Syracuse Orangemen, and the Kentucky Wildcats. The logic was simple, they had the most talented teams all  season long and each had marquee players capable of carrying a team in March.

Well throw everything I thought I knew about  the NCAA tournament in the garbage because 2010 was just not my year for bracketology. I thought that having an athletic forward/inside presence was the recipe for success. Kansas had Cole Aldrich, the Morris twins’, super-frosh Xavier Henry, and ultra-gamer Sherron Collins. They were bounced in the second round. Syracuse had likely top-10 NBA draft pick Wesley Johnson, sharp-shooter Andy Rautins, and Scoop Jardine had been on a roll entering the tournament. They were sent packing by the gritty Butler Bulldogs. The Kentucky Wildcats had the most talent to boast entering the tournament. Point guard John Wall is the likely top overall pick in this year’s NBA draft, DeMarcus Cousins is a likely top-5 pick if he declares for the draft and he was widely considered the best center in college basketball down the stretch. Patrick Patterson, the athletic small forward who endured two seasons of struggles before this years sensational freshman class is also a likely top 15 pick if he decides to throw his name in the mix. Add ANOTHER super-freshman point guard Eric Bledsoe and a Rivals.com 5-star center in Daniel Orton and it’s hard to imagine that Kentucky didn’t win it all. I’m not sure how much inexperience played a factor in Kentucky’s Elite 8 loss West Virginia, but it was surprising to me that they aren’t going to be cutting down the nets in Indianapolis next Monday.

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Mark Sanchez Really Wants Brandon Marshall

Well Wishes from the Big Apple – New York Jets’ quarterback Mark Sanchez phoned Brandon Marshall over for the weekend while the outspoken wide receiver was enjoying his 26th birthday in Las Vegas. Marshall, who has voiced his desire to get out of Denver, would be a nice option for the soon to be second year quarterback.  A trio of Marshall, Braylon Edwards, and Jericho Cotchery would help out a Jets’ offense that just cut leading rusher Thomas Jones. Dustin Keller has proven to be a capable receiving tight end as well.  Yahoo is reporting that despite the phone call from Sanchez, the Jets are still well behind the Seattle Seahawks in the race to acquire Marshall – (Yahoo!)

Kentucky – West Virginia Live Blog

The Butler Bulldogs were the first team to punch their Final Four ticket, the first time in school history they’ve made it this far.They defeated the Kansas State Wildcats 63-56. Gus Johnson wanted to explode but wasn’t really given the opportunity to do so. The 2010 Final Four and NCAA Championship game is being held in Indianapolis, where the do the Butler Bulldogs hail from? Indianapolis. Seeing them defeat either Duke or Kentucky, if they get that far, in the National Title game would be soothing for my soul, but that’s just wishful thinking.

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My Jealousy Is Getting The Best of Me

By this point, everyone knows who Erin Andrews is. If you weren’t a sports fan, you became aware of her in the summer when a certain creeper took pictures of her naked in her hotel room. If you were a women and still didn’t hear of this you knew who she was because she did the whole Oprah thing and talked about how troubling it was for her.

Now if you were somehow living under a rock (not physically possible) during all of those aforementioned occasions then there’s no way that you don’t know about her now, right? Erin Andrews has taken on the role of participant in the ever so popular ABC television show Dancing With the Stars. I’ll admit that I watch the show and I won’t make up some lame excuse that I only watch it because I want to see how the professional athletes do. I watch it because, well, I just enjoy it. Oh, and a lot of the women who participate on the show are pretty hot, except for Cloris Leachman.

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