Who’s Going To Watch The Winter Olympics?

I’d like to warn you that before reading this that this post contains insufficient knowledge about the Winter Olympics.

A few moments ago I was looking on-demand for a movie to watch while I got some work done. A few wrong clicks and I found myself at the Winter Olympics 2010 tab. Intrigued by how I got to this screen, I decided to see what was in there. What I found was a bunch of clips from 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics and the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino. Some of my thoughts after the jump.

Are the Winter Olympics popular?

Eh. It seems like with the Winter X-Games happening every year that it’s hard for people to get up and be excited for the Olympics because they do a lot of the same things.  Shaun White is probably the most popular X-Gamer period, considering he competes in both the Winter and Summer X-Games, so the fact that he is pretty popular worldwide helps draws more interest for the Olympics

Personally, I can understand why people aren’t that caught up in the Winter Games.Do people honestly watch figure skating? I guess that would be the Winter Olympics equivalent of swimming because I am fairly certain that nobody watches swimming outside of the Summer Olympics and I don’t need documentation to support my claim that people only watch ice skating during the Olympics. (Alright, I understand that NBC airs ice skating sporadically throughout the year, but I’m sure they’ve thought about canceling due to low television ratings *Citation Needed)

How many Winter Olympics Events can you name?

I’m not going to guess because I am currently looking at the events, but honestly, who can name events outside of hockey, “skiing”, snowboarding,bobsled (technical term is bobsleigh, and you only know that this is an Olympic sport because of Cool Runnings, admit it)  and curling? Curling ! People only knowing that curling is an Olympic event because over the years it has blown their mind that this is indeed and Olympic event. I’ve seen video of this so called “sport” and I don’t even want to try and understand how it works. If people don’t watch ice skating and swimming during Olympic time, I can only imagine that people don’t play Curling until the Olympics, let alone watch it during the four year wait leading up the Olympiad. Also, if it weren’t for Apollo Anton Ohno, would anybody in American actually know that speed skating was an Olympic event? It’s possible, but unlikely.

I’m going to watch the Winter Olympics because I have nothing better to do with my life, but a greater reason is that I find the Olympics to be a pretty sweet event. During the 2008 Summer Olympics, I can openly admit that I watched women’s gymnastics for the sole reason of Alicia Sacramone’s calves and glutes. Alright I lied, I actually think women’s gymnastics is pretty cool, but obviously only during the Olympics. There’s not a chance that I watch that outside of the Olympics. I don’t have any loyalties in the Winter Olympics, but I imagine that’ll watch hockey. I remember in 1998 at the Nagano Olympics that the U.S. hockey team embarrassed our country. I remember hearing stories about how the U.S. team wrecked their hotels. They were basically horrible during the 98′ games and finished 6th. Even more disappointing about those games was that team Canada, the team I expected to at least win a medal, finished 4th. If you’ve even finished 4th in Mario Kart, you know that you’re guy stands to the side crying as Mario pops champagne.

I have digressed, mainly in part that the stories I had to tell are probably a little more interesting that any story line leading up to the Winter Olympics.

In closing, I hope that people check out the Winter Olympics. I don’t think the competitions are nearly as exciting as the summer Olympics, but it’s nice to occasionally get a sense of patriotism when your fellow American defeats someone from Sweden or Switzerland in skiing or snowboarding.

Here’s hoping that Lindsay Vonn (Ithink that’s her name) dominates the skii slopes. I’m not sure which of the four skiing competitions she competes in, but godspeed to her in whichever she is in.

And if nothing else, the 2012 Summer Olympics are just two years away.


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