Sunday Night Television

Tonight's your last chance to watch the Winter X Games, man!

If you enjoy quality sports, today was certainly not your favorite day.  The Los Angeles Lakers – Boston Celtics game was pretty intense, but I think we have come to expect this from Kobe, so the outcome of that game was obviously decided before he took that shot. Earlier on in the day the Florida – Tennessee mens college basketball game came down to the wire as Scotty Hopson drilled what would be the eventual game winner with just under ten seconds left in the game. Gus Johnson had the call during that game so naturally it felt like the NCAA Championship game. Side Note: Greth Anthony, Gus Johnson’s analyst, chimed in at the most inopportune times. When Gus Johnson has a nail biter, Anthony’s mic should be muted, just don’t tell him that, let the man talk, but don’t let America hear him.

The best sports action of the day is probably done. But if you’re into that Pro-Bowl thing, it starts a 7:20 on ABC. I’m sure I be flicking back and forth between that and the Longest Yard. Yes, I know, it’s a terrible remake, but have you seen Courtney Cox-Arquette’s chest in that dress? She gives me a wetty.

The Winter X-Games also wrap up tonight with a couple of cool events. If the words Skiing Super Pipe High Air Final mean anything to you, then I sugggest you tune into ESPN during 7 o’clock to get your fill.

Unfortunately, I know that I’ll end up watching more of the Pro-Bowl then I want to, but whatever, hopefully Chad OchoCinco gets to punt and play defense like he stated earlier on his twitter.

Just for fun – 2010 Pro Bowl Prediction – AFC 35 – NFC 28


NBA Basketball in Philadelphia is Unbearable.

Elton Brand gets paid 14 million dollars to average 14 points a game. LOL !

There was a time when I was engulfed in all Philadelphia sports. Had you come to me, I could have a conversation on any of the four major sports in this city. In the early 2000s I could have told you every line on the Flyers and the numbers on the back of each players jersey. Had you asked me a question about the 76ers, I would have been able to tell you their rotation as well as the college that each player hailed from.

Oh, how the times have changed.

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NBA Sunday

It’s a pretty slow sports day and it doesn’t help that there are hardly any quality NBA games on schedule, but whatever, we will make due with what we’ve been given.

The Denver Nuggets are facing off with the San Antonio Spurs as I type this, with the Nuggets leading at halftime, 45-41. A comment on Richard Jefferson, I thought he was going to be a go-to guy in the NBA after he showed flashes of brilliance early on his career, but he never really made the jump from good player to great player. He’s still a very good role player, just not what I had expected. (TL’s Pick – Nuggets)

The Los Angeles Lakers visit the Boston Celtics for the 3:30 game on ABC. Back in 2008 when the Lakers and Celtics squared off in the NBA Finals I was very anti Los Angeles, but oh how the tables have turned. I was content with the fact that the Celtics clearly tanked the season before because they wanted Greg Oden, but in hindsight, it’s starting to really piss me off. Kevin Garnett used to be my favorite NBA player, not anymore. His grilling of any and every NBA player has gotten old very fast. I would never wish bad upon a person, but I can’t say that I’m unhappy at the fact that his body seems to be failing him. Maybe when he’s gotten to the point where his knees don’t function, Kevin Garnett will stop all of his shit talking and “mean muggin”, but that’s unlikely. Once a shit-talker, always a shit-talker.

Also, Rajon Rondo. I can’t wait to see what kind of player he is going to be once Paul Pierce and Ray Allen aren’t there anymore either. I really can’t wait. A point guard who can’t shoot but is an extraordinary passer? Sounds like a glorified Kevin Ollie to me. (TL’s Pick – Lakers)

I’m not so much pro- Los Angeles Lakers as I am anti-Boston Celtic right now, but you get the point. I am starting to appreciate Kobe Bryant more and more everyday, so I guess you could say I am becoming a fan of his.

The only other game worthy of noting for the rest of the day is between the Phoenix Suns and the Houston Rockets. The Rockets are a surprising(to me) 25-21. It’s hard to imagine that just a few seasons ago that the combination of Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming was considered one of the best 1-2 duo’s in the league, now neither of them are playing for the Rockets. Yao because of injury, McGrady because he just doesn’t fit anymore. Add Jason Richardson to the same group as Richard Jefferson, very solid player, just nowhere near the type of player I thought he was going to be.  I’m sure he doesn’t care, his “mediocre” skill set has him getting paid 13.3 million dollars per season (sigh.) (TL’s Pick – Suns)

Other games on tap today …

  • LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers play host to the Chris Kaman-led  Los Angeles Clippers (TL’s Pick – Cavaliers)
  • The Orlando Magic travel to the Palace at Aurbun Hills to face the once proud Detroit Pistons (TL’s pick – Magic)
  • In a battle of the fan bases that just don’t care anymore, the Philadelphia 76ers face off against the New Jersey Nets (TL’s UPSET PICK! Nets)
  • Andrea Bargnani (Go ITALY!) and the Toronto Raptors welcome Danny Granger and the Indiana Pacers – (TL’s Pick – Raptors)
  • All-Star snub David Lee and the Knicks travel to Minnesota in yet another game where people just don’t care. We here at the Lineup love us some Johnny Flynn, though. (TL’s pick – T’Wolves)
  • And finally the Golden State Warriors and the human pump Monte Ellis square off against potential league MVP Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder. (TL’s Pick – Thunder)

So as you can see, there aren’t many quality NBA games on today. If you can’t get yourself to watch these games then make you way over to CBS for some college hoops action.

Shaun White Versus Half Pipe, Ouch

This has to be one of the most violent scenes I have ever witnessed that did not result in a serious injury. I’m no professional at snowboarding, this much I know, but I remember it hurting just falling on my ass, let alone my face smashing into a brick of ice. I’m sure Shaun White’s threshold to pain is a lot more impressive then mine, but I cannot either imagine what this felt like. The fact that he was more pissed off after it happened instead of showing that he was hurt is incredible.

It seems as though people don’t view extreme sports such as snowboarding, skate boarding, dirt biking, etc. with the same in the same arena as football, baseball, and whatever sports you think are mainstream. The fact of the matter is however, that to participate in an extreme sport, you have to have the testicular fortitude that would allow you to not care that any moment could life could very well end.

Shaun White is the face of the “extreme sports'” world and it’s pretty incredible that even after this near face shattering experience, that he was able to come away with the Gold in this event.

Something that I was thinking about earlier; Since extreme sports have become more popular over the years, has Shaun White supplanted Tony Hawk as the “King” of these type of sports? There’s no denying that when Tony Hawk ruled the extreme sports’ landscape that it was not nearly as popular then as it today.

Bon Voyage Kurt Warner

See you on some sort of pre game show soon Kurt.  After 12 years in the NFL alls you managed to accomplish was 1 SuperBowl Win (1 play away from another), 3 SuperBowl appearances, a rediculous career completion percentage and passer rating and oh yeah, 2 MVP awards.

Kurt Warner used his great field vision and pinpoint accuracy to just pick apart opposing secondaries ever since he entered the league.  In 1999 he won the MVP while he was at the helm for what you might remember being called as “The Greatest Show on Turf.”  Its hard to believe that this diamond in the rough went undrafted in 1994.  Then was cut by the Packers, who  at the time had a legit reason to send him packing with Favre, Brunell and Ty Detmer on the roster.  He worked at a grocery store in the mean time, and then ventured into the Arena Football League.  It wasn’t until Trent Green went down with that torn ACL that he finally got his shot, and well, we all know the rest.

Although he won’t go down as one of the best QBs in the history of the game, atleast in my eyes, he certainly did leave his mark on the game.  And it was like money in the bank when he was playing to take the over no matter what, the man knew how to light up the score board.

On another note, me and Franco were talking, and he brought up a good point, Kurt Warner is like the pro version of Tim Tebow.  Not in the sense of skill, at least not yet, but because they both talk about God like hes going out of style.  I understand that you guys are religious, but give me a freakin break.  Don’t preach your beliefs on me, because when I’m watching sports the last thing I give a crap about is your views on God.

With that being said, Kurt Warner will probably become Tim Tebows mentor on the big stage, and Tebow will go on to have an illustrious career in the NFL after being written off.

Kurt Warner or George Michael?...Doesnt matter, they both loving the phrase "ya gotta have faith"

Who’s Going To Watch The Winter Olympics?

I’d like to warn you that before reading this that this post contains insufficient knowledge about the Winter Olympics.

A few moments ago I was looking on-demand for a movie to watch while I got some work done. A few wrong clicks and I found myself at the Winter Olympics 2010 tab. Intrigued by how I got to this screen, I decided to see what was in there. What I found was a bunch of clips from 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics and the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino. Some of my thoughts after the jump.

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What’s In Store For Tim Tebow?

Reports from the 2010 Senior Bowl thus far have not been good for All-American man, Tim Tebow. Perhaps the most celebrated college football player of the past 20 years finds himself in a tough situation on his path to the NFL. Is he good enough to not only play quarterback in the NFL, but is he good enough to eventually start?

Todd McShay of ESPN seems to be on the side of the fence that doubts Tebow, and for good reason. If you listened to McShay this week, the sound in his voice was that of disappointment. Everyone is rooting for Tim Tebow to succeed, but the grim reality of it all is that if he is going to succeed, it will be at a position not named quarterback. That’s where McShay’s tone comes into play. You could hear it in his voice that he did not want to admit that Tim Tebow looked terrible this week, he didn’t want to say it. For the last four years, he watched Tebow dominate the college landscape with some insanely gawdy statistics, but when you’re a system quarterback in college, it’s hard to project you being a good pro (ie. Timmy Chang, Graham Harrell, Kliff Kingsbury)

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